Update on our Pastor & Council

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Where is Pastor Sally?

On Sunday mornings, most of them, you will find her at church, often by 8:00 a.m.

On Tuesday, she may be at the church or at Quincy’s or working from home.

On Friday mornings, she’s at the church from 9:00 until 12:30 or so, and then she heads to Quincy’s.

Thursday is her day off.

Monday and Wednesday, she may be found at Grace in South Range. (Except for the first Wednesday evening of each month, when she is at Dinner Church at First.)

What has Pastor Sally been up to since we last heard from her?

In addition to reading, studying, praying and preparing sermons, bible studies, and Godly Play lessons, she makes home visits once a month (call if you’d like her to visit you), participates in community events, attends a ministers’ text study, and leads worship at Arbor Green on the last Thursday of each month at 10:00 am.

She also meets with the council and other congregation leaders to plan special events, make decisions about the life of our faith community, and explore innovative ways to better serve the community. If you have ideas, give her a call. Because she is a ¾ time pastor, working full time each week, she also has twelve weeks every year that she is not available. She tries to take most of her time off during the less-busy times of the church year, so she can be available for as many of the festival days as possible.

Pastor Sally, Tammy Caskey, and others interested in youth faith formation continue to discuss the best ways to serve youth in our community. If we get enough volunteers, we’d like to have an after school program starting next fall. Right now, we’re thinking it would be for anyone through sixth grade, and would offer games, crafts, bible stories, snacks, and homework help.

Our Godly Play resources are growing, and are available at the Worship Table most Sundays. The Gospel reading for the day is reflected in a children’s bulletin, Godly Play kits, and coloring pictures.

What is the Congregational Council doing?

The council meets each month to review financial and other reports, as well as to plan future events and oversee the life of the congregation. Earlier this year, the council was working to get this website up and running well. The council president and new treasurer attended a workshop in Green Bay, the end of March. Sponsored by Vibrant Faith, Inc., the title of the two-day session was “Do What Matters.” Participants were invited to assess their congregation and community to identify effective ways of engaging others at church. at home, in the community, and online.

The council’s most recent project is to collect contact information from every member and friend, so that we may keep you informed using your preferred mode of contact. If you would like to be on our snail mail or email lists, please call the office on Friday morning. In addition to this website, we are also on Facebook and update our page as often as possible. if you are a Facebook user, like us, friend us, leave us a post!

Three to four times each year, the councils of both First and Grace Lutheran meet together to review the Yoking Agreement for the pastor, and to update worship schedules and special service planning. The next joint meeting is on April 28.

We have a very small council and are always on the lookout for one or two additional members.