We have a history and a passion for including God’s children of all ages in all that we do as a community of faith.

The Developmental Cycle

A child receives the Sacrament of Holy Baptism during a worship service and is welcomed into our community. The child is also welcomed to participate in Holy Communion at that time, if desired by the parent(s).

As soon as children are able to walk, they become part of our Sunday School, and are invited to participate in the life of the congregation in all of our mission. Children are also welcome to worship with their parents. Activity bags are available.

Faith Formation classes are offered at times convenient for families. Children may enroll in Faith Formation upon entering seventh grade. This is typically a two-year program which is followed by the Rite of Confirmation. (This is neither a sacrament nor a requirement to belong to our congregation.) Faith Formation builds upon previous Sunday School and worship experiences, and is designed primarily to engage the students in a life of faith. Lessons are offered on both the Old and New Testament, Luther’s Small Catechism, Martin Luther and the Reformation, and Worship.

Participation in our faith community continues, as young people participate in worship, service, fellowship and discipleship activities with others.

See Worship for more information on Baptism and Holy Communion.